CYLINDER BORING resurfacing the cylinder wall which has been damaged to a  Average cost is $ 45.00 per cylinder. Included in this service is bore honing and bead honing, the cylinder to a mirror finish. Cost varies from engine to engine. CALL FOR PRICING. Special Pricing for Dealers and Shop Owners. (Proof of License or Tax Certificate.)

CYLINDER BORE HONING  will remove the hard glaze from the cylinder and very minor scratches, allowing the cylinder, to stay standard and lower the cost of the machine cost. Bead honing is, also, a part of this service. The average cost is $10.00 per cylinder.

CYLINDER BEAD HONING is the finished honing process which brings the cylinder back, to a mirror surface, allowing the cylinder to be reused, at the lowest cost. This service cost around $7.50 per cylinder.

CYLINDER SLEEVEING is necessary to resleeve a cylinder when the damage is too severe, and can not be removed by boring the cylinder. The starting cost for resleeving is $185.00.  Resleeving includes, boring the sleeve back, to the correct size.

WELDING is used to repair areas of the engine block which have been damaged by the internal parts breaking off and going through the outboard engine block. Most blocks can be "repair welded" and brought back to standard, allowing the block to be reused, cutting the cost of the repair. Most block welding average cost is $125.00.

MILLING is the process to clean the surface of the cylinder head, allowing the head to be reused. On racing engines, it is used to raise the compression ratio, giving the engine more horse power. Head milling costs around $30.00 per head.

DECKING is the process to clean the top surface of the block, allowing the block to be reused. The cost, to deck most outboard engine blocks, is around $60.00.

BOLT & STUD REMOVAL is the process, to take out broken bolts or studs, from the engine, all broken bolts and studs can be removed, allowing the part to be reused. The cost to remove broken bolts or studs ranges from $22.00 TO $50.00. This service requires seeing the part to give a correct estimate.

CLEANING is the process to remove the burned carbon and other residue which has accumulated, on the engine parts, from the engine usage. The hand cleaning of gasket and other material, from the engine, is done inhouse at our facility.  We offer the following: GLASS BEADING price starting at $80.00. 


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